This being my first post, I thought I’d try to describe some ways that I personally interact with emerging media. First off, emerging media matters because it allows marketers to get instant and real feedback and they can immediately tell what is working and what isn’t. We live in a world where everyone is connected 24/7 and news travels fast and in many ways.

Two forms of social media that I use everyday include Snapchat and Twitter, and it is a prime area for marketers and it is completely interactive.

For example, sometimes Snapchat is sponsored by movies or products. When they are they create filters that allow your Snapchat to feature a graphic or a logo from the movie. Individuals post these to their stories and friends see it and then they want to try it out. It all turns into marketing for these companies. Thanks to all of this the current value of Snapchat is now valued between $18-20 billion! 

Twitter offers the instant feedback that some individuals need. Have a complaint? Tweet it out to a company and you are more than likely going to hear back from a company trying to fix the problem! I’ve done it in the past with restaurants and they’ve reached out to me with free coupons due to my bad experience. It’s real time and it retains the customer and keeps them from jumping ship.

Companies also love to joke around with users and sometimes they even have a little fun on the account, like this one below:


Those are two ways which I interact with emerging media daily, I’d like to hear some other experiences in the comment section below!


3 thoughts on “Interactions

  1. How do you use Snapchat daily? Do you use the stories or do you individually message? I personally want to start using the platform more, but I usually think about it after the fact and Snapchat is the epitome of “in the moment” since you have to create everything in app. What are your favorite types of sponsored filters? Do you interact with brands other than using their filters?

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    1. Hello Amanda,

      I use Snapchat daily to typically snap with my friends. I tend to use the stories more on weekends (when I’m with a group of friends) and individual messages through the week. I’ll use the sponsored filters when a friend snaps me one because I want to try it for myself. Unfortunately, the sponsored filters are not active for long or all the time. However, the one today is sponsored by iHop and it puts a pancake as your face. I encourage you to check it out!

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  2. Hi Chad,

    Snapchat has definitely done a great job at allowing brands to advertise through stories as well as filters to engage with consumers. Snapchat is beginning to allow daily users to have more options within the app, such as being able to create your own geofilters for events, birthdays, etc. Very cool feature that I like to use!

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