Spectacles by Snapchat becoming a reality?


Anyone who has used Snapchat knows how the marketing works. I discussed this a little bit in last weeks post. They now feature sponsored stories ranging from companies like ESPN, IGN, Daily Mail, and Buzzfeed along with filters.

A new venture has begun for the company, and that is eyewear. So the idea of these Spectacles is an individual can record anything they want at any time. The marketing opportunities here are incredible. For instance, some companies might encourage individuals to Snapchat the inside of their shops or they could encourage these Spectacle owners to invent their own commercials for the company, all through these lenses.

While not much information is known at this time, the price will be around $130. The Spectacles are activated by pressing a button on the glasses, a light appears that shows friends you are snapping, and they even charge in their own case. This is an emerging product that I think will break through the barrier of eyewear that Google has tried to conquer in the past with their Google Glass product.

Here is a great video showing the Spectacles in action:


Would anyone wear these? Will the product fail or will it bring a new way of communicating with others?



7 thoughts on “Spectacles by Snapchat becoming a reality?

  1. These spectacles open up a whole new way of communicating. With this hands-free approach the creator has more freedom of expression and ability to interact with what is being recorded. While I think that the light that turns on is great to warn those being recorded it does beg the further discussion on the right to privacy and granting consent to be published.

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    1. The early adapters of technology could be the consumers who purchase Spectacles. However, other consumers might not be ready to purchase the newest technology.

      Privacy must be a key concern of both the consumer and bystanders. As someone who is private, I would not appreciate the fact that someone is recording my actions without my consent. One market that would utilize Spectacles are police. Police officers can wear those glasses when they are on duty. Spectacles can be useful in ascertaining events as they unfold. The video could be sent to a command center.

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  2. Shut up and take my money! One of the biggest barriers for me to using Snapchat as a content producer more is that you have to create content within the app. I like the flexibility to create and upload like you can do with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I realize that this is intentional and that Snapchat is touted for being more authentic and spur of the moment. But I like to self-edit before posting. However, if I had a dedicated Snapchat device for recording content, I’d probably use the platform more.

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  3. OMG Chad! This is so cool. I love Snapchat and I didn’t know they were doing that.

    The spectacles are kind of like a Go Pro but in a glasses form. These companies are really thinking out of the box, and to me I think that is pretty awesome. You have to come up with new way to keep people interested and HELLO, I’m definitely interested.

    Count me in, I would wear them.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Chad,
    This is a great find! I do feel this product has more potential than the Google Glass did. In order to break into the market, the price range is a big factor with wearables. The problem with Google Glass was it wasn’t easily functional, and the price point was high. The Apple Watch costs more than $300, but many people bought it because of its ability to connect with another medium they are heavily indulged in, their IPhones. The Spectacles have the ability to connect with a heavily populated media platform, and it’s at a lower price-point than other wearables. I am interested to see how this will sell!

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  5. Wearables action cameras are awesome. There are a number of action cameras out there for extreme sports that are designed to attach to equipment like helmets, boards, bikes, etc. https://www.wareable.com/cameras/best-wearable-action-cameras

    I like the idea of having them in a pair of stylish sunglasses. It would be nice to have them while on holiday to capture special moments that you would otherwise miss trying to pull out a larger camera and accessories.


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