Virtual Reality – The Future of Marketing?


Virtual Reality Headsets or VR Headsets have been around for awhile now, but are becoming more and more popular.

There are a long list of different kinds of VR headsets including The Sony Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and the Oculus Rift, among others.

Some of them you place a phone inside of and others you don’t, but their main use is the same: to play games, watch videos, and open up a world that seems real.

How companies are using this technology is what is the interesting part.

The New York Times actually gave out free Google Cardboard viewers/glasses with their papers and produced a VR video..something they’ve done multiple times. It’s a new way of storytelling that keeps the newspaper genre fresh and exciting and captures young readers

Here is a video of how the New York Times is using the product:

That is just the beginning. Companies can use this as a new way to show off products, to expand their target market, and they can launch apps dedicated to VR use.

VR is also changing the way market research occurs. There is no longer a need to use physical stores to gather marketing research data. The following graphic shows how much the VR industry is going to be worth and the prices that companies will pay for market research:


As you can see the VR headset is going to be around for awhile.

Has anyone ever tried a VR headset? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t are you interested in seeing what this technology can do? What other marketing benefits do you predict?




3 thoughts on “Virtual Reality – The Future of Marketing?

  1. Chad,

    I agree completely when you say that companies can now use VR to market their specific products in a new manner. The idea that specific apps can be compatible with a VR headset makes them that much more specific to the original product. This in essence forces customers to purchase additional products in order to use VR features that may not be possible with their phone alone.

    I think that VR is for sure the new wave and I am excited to see how it fits into our everyday lives. It seems that many companies are launching a new VR goggle in some capacity each month lately. As you from tell from the article I am going to attach, the amount of success VR is going to bring is still up in the air, though Sony has generated plenty of interest with their new product.

    Trendy post, Chad!




    (2016) Fortune.

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  2. Chad,
    I have used virtual reality goggles, and it was a crazy experience! I found a great Forbes article on the potential marketing uses through virtual reality
    Although it’s a super interesting concept, I believe that, until it can be widely accessed through something like a smart phone instead of a head wearable, it won’t have a large enough market to become as dominant of a marketing platform as social media platforms have become.

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  3. As the United States population becomes older, assisted living facilities will (I hope) be in high demand. However, potential residents and their families are busy with other commitments. Another method to tour the facility is Virtual Reality. The market professionals can give a virtual tour and the customers will be able to witness the daily living of residents and witness interactions between the staff and residents. The family members could also smell the excellent food cooking.


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