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Lets face it, we live in a world where our social media and television watching habits interact with each other. For instance, if we see something on television we can go on Twitter and find out about it instantly. On the other hand, how many of you have had a television show ruined because of a post on social media? It has happened numerous times to me, but yet I still keep going back to social media.

Take a look at the following chart:

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 7.24.29 PM.png

The left side shows individuals who were responding to actions happening on the television and on the right side its individuals who mention upcoming episodes or non-on screen related material

Having said all of that, it is crucial for television and social media to merge because of the changing online environment.

Twitter has found a new way to do this with the NFL at their side. For 2016, Twitter paid the NFL $10 million to stream 10 Thursday Night Football Games. Here is what that means: I have an Apple TV which has a Twitter app, I can open it and stream the game live in HD. I can also swipe and I can view live comments from other Twitter users and I can even input my own comments. On top of all of that I can create polls or answer them. This merges two things that I use to do on 2 different devices, into one device.

This seamless blend of technology is going to become more common if these companies want to expand. There needs to be an overlap in how we use social media and what we watch on television.

Has anyone tried watching the NFL games on Twitter? If so, how was the experience?


4 thoughts on “Social Media & Television

  1. Chad,
    I personally have yet to stream an NFL game on Twitter, but I am well aware that this is an option for Thursday night games this season. I will also add that I feel very foolish that I also have an Apple TV, but did not realize there was a Twitter app for it! This is something I will definitely try out before seasons end.

    Moving on, I think you are correct in illustrating how linked our TV and social media presences are today. It is almost like one doesn’t occur without the other. You can literally search whats trending during a football or basketball game and see exactly what is happening without having to attend or even turn on the game. This is no doubt the future of the sport media world. This will come in small doses though considering that the NFL recently made it a rule that teams cannot post instant highlights from the live broadcast’s via social media. (Fortune, 2016)

    From my stand point I think that the NFL and the social media platforms have joined forces to make it even ore difficult to view NFL games in an effort to encourage customers and fans alike to focus there attention on specific mediums. My only question is when does this become too monopolistic?




    (2016, October 10). Retrieved from Fortune :


  2. Chad,
    Witnessing the merge of social media and television has been fascinating. With both social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, searching for the next big opportunity, I wondered how their Live features would pan out in partnerships. I had read that the NFL tried striking a deal with Facebook initially, but couldn’t come to terms on the business-side of the deal.
    The NFL noted that although Facebook has the larger audience, Twitter was a better fit. How many more companies will look over the massive user-base of Facebook to Twitter instead?


  3. Chad, I haven’t followed on football game on Twitter but I know this platform is highly popular for expressing opinions about a game. I happened to be at Super Bowl 49 working on the Katy Perry half-time show. Thereafter, I was following a lot of what happened surrounding the Big Game and came across the heat map that tracked fan responses at the game progressed. While I can’t point you to that SB heat map — alas, I guess because it required too much server space and since it’s a couple of years they pulled it down? — I can point you to a later SB heat map:
    It’s interesting to monitor the various areas and various intervals where Twitter blew up.
    Plus, I had no idea that the SB was so popular in South America.


  4. Great information, and I must day when there is a big event on television I am looking forward to I try to shy away from social media and even the internet all together. For me I stay so busy it is hard for me to ever catch a show as it airs live so I DVR most shows I watch. It becomes harder each season to avoid spoilers for shows as many people find it tempting to be the first to comment on social media what happens in a mid-season or season finally.


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