Tech World & The President-Elect


This week, I decided to take a look at how individuals in the tech world are responding to Donald Trump being the next president.

To start with I’m sure we all remember when the FBI was trying to force Apple’s hand at breaking into a cellphone that belonged to the San Bernardino shooter, but Apple refused.

When Trump was on the campaign trail he was quoted as saying he would boycott Apple until they gave the information up and that he would come down so hard on Tim Cook his head would be spinning all the way back to Silicon Valley

However, we know that what is said at the campaign events are things that may or may not be true. It happens with every politician. Let’s take a closer look at how a lot of the tech industry is reacting to this.

For example, the CEO of Grubhub sent out and email to employees saying that he rejects Trump’s stance and that anyone who disagrees with him should immediately resign because they have no place in the company, however he later issued a statement saying all employees are welcomed there.

Also, the following is an internal memo that Tim Cook sent his employees:


As you can see, these CEO’s are trying to keep their company and employees on the same page, despite riffs throughout the country.

I’d rather everyone stay away from expressing their political views in the comments and instead look at how these companies are responding to the shocking results.

Having said that, my question to everyone is do you think that tech companies and CEO’s should get involved in politics when they know their employees have different views? Do memos like the ones that Tim Cook send out hurt or help the cause?


6 thoughts on “Tech World & The President-Elect

  1. I think whether they end up helping or hurting depends upon the company, the content of the message, and the employees being addressed. I’ve seen other instances of such letters from CEO’s, leaders, and even our own President Gee and most have been well received. These memos serve as a reminder of the core values of the brand and who the company really wants to be. During times when people feel vulnerable or unsure, reinforcing what a brand or business stands for isn’t a bad thing.


  2. Chad,
    Great topic! I believe there is a very fine line here that companies have to face. Although some CEO’s may feel it is their right to express how they feel to their employees, as mediaspheresite noted, as long as the content lends itself to the core values of the brand, it is not a bad thing. However, ethically, they must maintain that fine line by leaving out persuading or threatening tactics throughout messaging.


  3. I believe that memos such as the one written by Tom Cook are beneficial and necessary for a company, especially one the size of Apple. Seeing that the CEO acknowledges and understands the differences their employees will be facing during times such as these helps build a stronger sense of unity and purpose. In my opinion, not acknowledging these obvious divides within a company can be disastrous and cause further separation within the company. It is never a bad thing to make employees feel understood and valued in the future of a company.


  4. I agree with our classmates in saying that letters like Tim Cook’s reinforce the company brand. He didn’t get political but instead acknowledged the feelings employees may have been having and proposed an Apple-centric frame of mind. Companies that have a clear brand externally and internally might be more able to produce such a piece of communication.


  5. I would agree with this kind of communication. No matter what one’s political stand is but it is not above the family that you live with and who are helping you build up. Politics and faith should never go above and beyond relationships – be it your family at home or the family at work. A brand is built not only through its management but by the whole family of employees who is working on it every day. They deserve this kind of understanding and compassion when they feel threatened or burdened with uncertain political times.


    1. I have to agree that this election cycle has been an emotionally draining experience to say the least.
      My blog post this week deals with the “fake” news posts on Facebook that proliferated during the elections, and Facebook’s efforts to stop or limit our exposure to fake news. Interesting read, for sure


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