Internet for All


The information above is a Facebook initiative that Mark Zuckerberg has launched. More can be found at their website:

Since we always take a look at the ever changing landscape of media, I thought it would be important to see what is being done so more voices can be heard around the world to create better content for all of us.

Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to bring the internet to everyone for awhile. The’ve been testing a drone named The Aquila. This drone has a wingspan of a Boeing 737 and roughly consumes 5,000 watts which is the same amount as three hair dryers or a high end microwave.

The following is a picture of the drone in flight:


It was able to stay in the air for around 96 minutes, but it needs to stay above earth 60,000 feet or more for up to three months at a time, with the current record for a drone in the air is two weeks.

The following graph also shows exactly how this is going to work:


Essentially it does need to stay above earth at 60,000 feet and can go up to 90,000 feet. It will then user lasers to transfer data to other receivers on the ground and convert signals into internet access.

Sure, they do have a long way to go, but if completed it is going to change the way that users receive internet. It is going to be a more connected world and that is great for everyone.

Has anyone heard of this before? How do you think it will effect the world we live in?


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