Home Assistants


Google Home (Left) and Amazon Echo (Right)

The Google Home ($130) and Amazon Echo ($180) are two devices that are transforming homes into smart homes. They can control lights, answer a variety of questions, play music, control temperature, and even order a pizza or call and Uber.

Privacy is always an issue with these devices, especially since they are always listening.

For Google Home you can view personal recordings in a My Activity section and you can listen to recorded commands and delete recordings that you do not want Google to have. Additionally, there is a button that disables the microphone.

However, we always have our cellphones with us and we keep everything from passwords to bank account information on the devices. So is it that different to have one of these devices in your home? They technically aren’t always listening, just when you activate them by voice command.

So has anyone purchased one of these devices? If not, would you ever consider one or does the lack of privacy bother you?



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